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Applied Biblical Counseling of Los Alamitos, CA is your trusted authority in grace-oriented and professional counseling services. We guarantee quality, expertise, and dependability because these are what our name stands for. With us, it's excellence or nothing

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Learn More About Applied Biblical Counseling:
  • Counseling for the individual, marriage, family, addiction, spiritual, OCD, eating disorders, and more
  • Flexible and client-centered – convenient daytime, evening, and weekend appointments as well as online, telephone, and e-mail sessions
  • Biblical and focused on results – solid, step-by-step, Word of God applications resulting in deep and lasting changes, not just superficial or temporary insights
  • Counselors specialize in finding real solutions to a variety of problems – each is trained intensively in biblical counseling methods
  • Real help for infidelity and pornography addiction

Discounted fees are sometimes available. Our services are reasonably-priced and easily accessible -; we work with each individual to help make counseling affordable even in these difficult economic times.

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Applied Biblical Counseling Los Alamitos, CA
Applied Biblical Counseling
Los Alamitos, CA

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Monday to Saturday
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